Chocola and Vanilla Cosplay


Many of us have enjoyed a Japanese adult video game once or twice, enjoying the feel of being part of a playable hentai. It’s only a step away from our ultimate goal of virtual reality adult games. That’s what makes it unsurprising that adult game, Nekopara where humans and catgirls (called Nekos) live side by side, has sold over 100,000 copies. Sporting gameplay where players can pet their own personal catgirl wherever they like to get all sorts of naughty reactions, the game is incredibly addictive.

Seneca Rose and her cosplaying partner enjoyed the game so much they decided to bring Nekopara’s naughty catgirls to life with this Chocola and Vanilla cosplay. In tiny french maid skirts complete with tails and ears these catgirls even had their photographer from Kaze Photography wanting to do a little real life Nekopara “petting.” Frankly who wouldn’t as these two lovely pussy cats show us how much they enjoy petting each other.


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