Witch Hunter Vin Diesel has the best Birthday Cake


I’m looking forward to The Last Witch Hunter. The flick is kind of Blade with witches instead of vampires. A coven of witches are making super germs and immortal witch hunter (and possible witch or warlock?) Kaulder, played by Vin Diesel. Not only does Vin Diesel look like he is going to be as sexy as always in this, but he just posted a pic of his birthday cake today. Vin Diesel is being wished a happy birthday by loved ones with a three decker AD&D dessert, featuring shoutouts to the traditional Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and (my favorite) the Monster Manual. I love me some Dungeons & Dragons and action heroes. Happy Birthday, Vin Diesel!

vin diesal birthday cake

vin diesel the last witch hunter wallpaper


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