Samus Aran (Varia Suit 2.0) by Pixelninja


There are characters that never go out of fashion — such is the case of Samus aran from the well known game Metroid Prime! Today I’m bringing you Pixelninja aka Jenni Källberg with her Samus Aran (Varia Suit 2.0). It was made in 2010. Jenni explains her suit is powered by 20 AA batteries and is made of lion board and larissa fabrics, coming directly from Japan! The life of this suit is definitely the use of LED lights, that give the costume a more realistic and badass look.

I can’t pick a favorite part for this costume, I just love it as a whole. The photos were created by Carl Oscar Aaro. If you want to see more from the cosplayer, check her out page.

Character Samus Varia Suit


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