Live A Night You Wish Would Never End With HyruleFairy.


When I saw HyruleFairy’s costume, I decided that I would discover what she is dressed as. It was all going well: I noticed the horns, the face paint, and then, she started dancing; thus, breaking my concentration and making me be completely hypnotized by her sensuous moves and beautiful silhouette.

Who am I to argue with grace?

Her costume made me think of princess Leia, and how the gold bikini would have been improved by some silver accessories.

The fact that HyruleFairy was not only dancing, but smiling and commenting with her viewers made it a pleasant way to say goodbye to this Saturday.



I am an Gamer, Photographer, Raver, Cosplayer, and a Camgirl~

Gaming and dancing all day and night isn’t a hobby, its my lifestyle.

I live in outer space :d ~ I am a buddhist

I’m Japanese/ American Irish

I love music, nature and rice

I’ve been on MFC for 5years!

I need for my life to have some form of excitement. Some mind bending chaos that sends me flying into a state of confusion and wonder filled bewilderment.

I dont ever want to stop learning new things about myself or this amazing world I live in.





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