Barely Evil Trippy Sci Fi 420


Barely Evil does do some hot costume stuff, especially with the devil girls they are famous for. This is not costumed, but Superna is in front of this really science fiction and fantasy looking painting. It has the feel of that sort of 1960’s acid trip sci fi. And I have to say that, of all the 420 shoots I have seen, this one is truly over the top. I can’t even estimate how many kilos of pot has to be on those trays. I did spend some time looking at the images, going shot by shot to see how the muscles bulge underneath Superna‘s ink, to see if that would help me estimate weight. All that happened though was that I got to see a gorgeous and creative photo shoot of a beautiful girl.

superna 420

It’s April 20th, get it? 4/20? We had a blast shooting this treat of a series with Superna, and let me tell you, a couple pounds of weed starts to get heavy after a while. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen that much marijuana in one place since I used to live on a farm in Hawaii, which was many years ago. Those BarelyEvil girls are always into something. Anyway, hope you enjoy these. ~Forrest



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