Arrichan Spices Up Your Day


It’s Monday, you are just getting started with your weekly routine and think that nothing will make things better.

Well, think again!

Arrichan brings the fun to you with a very interesting selection of music, clothes (she is wearing a corset), blue hair and… ready?: Vampire fangs.

Her costume reminds me of a vampire out of Vampire Hunter D (watch it if you haven’t, you’ll thank me).

Her conversation, music, style and dances are guaranteed to get you hyped up enough to take on the rest of the week with a smile on your face.

Did I mention her purple lipstick and furry ears?



Username: Arrichan
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 110 pounds
Age: 100
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Non Drinker
Drugs: Occasionally
Occupation/Major: master crafter of boners
Favorite Food: salmon!
Pets: I like dogses
Automobile: bleh it’s poopydoops




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