Jeffie Space Babe Leggings


How much do we love leggings? Let me count the ways. Number one, yes they’re pants, just cover your chola with a long shirt. Number two, sexing up fandoms is what we’re all about. Number three, so. Many. Robots. Jeffie, a new design shop out of Seattle, has some uber sexy, robotic leggings for your viewing and purchasing pleasures.

Jeffie just released their new line of leggings and, goddamn, they are hot. Some sold out but I believe they are working on restocking these designs. I, for one, got the Exoskeleton leggings cuz, bitch, I’m a cyborg. Check out their Facebook for the latest news and to look like a bad ass.

Founded in 2012 and launched in January 2013 from an International Space Station circling some 250 miles above the Earth, is the home of the original futuristic fashion brand Jeffie. We are here to inspire the people of this planet to shake free of their Earthly bonds (including any ugly pants) and create their future out amongst the stars (whilst looking fabulous). We also make pants.

All of our artwork and designs are created by us in a gravity free environment (including lots of espresso and sushi). We are inspired by the future, flying cars, teleportation, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and an idea exemplified by Darth Vader … that it’s never too late to redeem your soul. One must take that leap of changing your mind and throw the Emperor down the reactor shaft of doom.

While on Earth, is located in Seattle. All items sold at are designed in outer space, made in America and tested on aliens for your safety.


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