A skeleton in Elsa’s closet


Elsa really throws one out there for GodsGirls. I am not even sure where to start other than this reminds me of the joke that I made up to get me kicked out of Catholic “after school” schooling. I think I was 12 without a clue to what it all meant, but time just caught up with me in pictorial form. Elsa has ink. A lot of ink. I can spend more than a few minutes just looking her body over from all of the tattoos she has. She also has a wicked sense of placement for that skeleton. I think the entire piece is pulled off by her grunge look. When I say grunge, I am not talking about some seattle dirt movement, but rather the feeling of darkness. I mean something of a female Keith Richards. Yes, I think that sums this photograph shoot up. Elsa is a female Keith Richards with this shoot. She is real. Grit. You can taste the sex in some of these poses (which is fair since she is tasting the skeleton).

I haven’t met Elsa, but I can think she is real. You know how some alt models aren’t really alt, just like some comic con women aren’t into anything they are dressed as? I think Elsa is the girl who would put a boot to many of them. She’s raw and she’s what this world needs.


Photographer : Matthew Cooke
Make Up Artist : Megan Areford



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