Zorah the sexy android avatar


You gotta love a tight spandex looking costume. I mean, I am pretty sure that’s what makes some of the cosplay genre really hot. Zorah is featured in this Cosplay Erotica spread on the android from the Andromeda Ascendant (say that 3 times real fast!). Rommie is a deadly beauty for AA and Zorah hits it right on the head. Not only does Zorah look fantastic in the outfit, but she wears the gunbelt-garter like it was meant to. There are some really great poses here with her mostly naked from the waist down. I think some of the better looks in the gallery, in fact, are her getting out of that suit as much as they are with her in it.

One thing I will leave you with. If you know about Rommie, have you ever thought she could be so sexual? I never did, but I am sure glad I was shown the light with this shoot.


Rommie is the Android avatar of the Andromeda Ascendant. She was built and given material form as a gynoid by the engineer, Seamus Harper, who also seems to be infatuated with his work. Her personality, though, is largely defined by her function: “I am a warship, and I don’t like walking away from a fight.” is a commonly recurring line for her.


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