Gween Black shows her mul ti pass


Gween Black is demonstrating her Leeloo Dallas side today. Yes, the role that pretty much put Milla Jovovich on posters everywhere a teenage guy slept. Seems like yesterday, but there has been a gap of time between that masterpiece and Gween Black’s homage to the Fifth Element. Gween Black looks great in the orange wig and gear. She is a bit more bustier than Jovovich though and it works in her favour. I love how GweenBlack brings one of my favourite characters to life. She does so with finesse and her accent doesn’t hurt one bit as it adds to the show.

If you like the Fifth Element, Leeloo Dallas, mul-ti-pass, Milla Jovovich, or just hotness in general, then you’ll love Gween Black’s show right now. It looks like I got back just in time.


Username: GweenBlack
CamScore: 6652.1
Gender: Female
Weight: 108 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 20
City: Albion
Country: Brazil
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Tags: wig, stocking, acf, clumsy, glasses, young, friendly, fun, tattoos, teen, cosplay, otaku, dancer, cute, petit, lolita, girly, smile, geeky, geek, gamer, games, steam


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