PhoenixRosexx gets wet in a pool


First, I have to say I am not related to PhoenixRosexx–yet. Although we do joke about marriage so she can be Phoenix Phoenix, so nice they named her twice. PhoenixRosexx is a cheery name for a cheery gal. Okay, so maybe–maybe–I picked her room solely based upon her name. Does it matter? She is a great looking blonde with a huge smile. She is trying out the day shift in MFC land. For those that never been on during the day time, it is a bit like the wild west. Not like the night shift version of the wild west with everyone shooting it out for top spot, but the uneasy wagon trail ride where one false move means a slew of unregistered accounts can surround you like locusts. It takes a brave woman to take on the day shift and Phoenix Rosexx is just that. She is fun, she is charming and she has a terrific top on. She seems like someone you could have a nice day at the beach with.

A little bonus information: The picture she uses on her twitter account for a background is the same one I used for my own personal website. Small world, eh? Go check her out and say hi for me. Oh, and if you are a gaming fan, check out her profile for a pretty cool offer.


Username: PhoenixRosexx
CamScore: 528.1
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Tags: phoenix rose, phoenixrosexx, tumblr, skinny, young, dancer, new, blue eyes, blonde hair, shy, geek, nerd, dancing, friendly, natural tits, natural boobs, nice ass, tease, doctor who, pokemon


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