Jon Hamm is Perfect at Everything


john hamm bowlingJon Hamm may be the perfect human specimen. He’s the Fifth Element. There is nothing he can’t do. His grizzled good looks make his wicked sense of humor that much sexier. I’ll stop now, you get the point. One of the programs on Nerdist’s new Youtube channel is Celebrity Bowling and this week the cast of Mad Men show you how it’s done. And by it I mean slamming those balls, with, shit. What was I saying?

Jon Hamm is hot.

This week Jon Hamm and Team Mad Men take off their cufflinks and roll up their sleeves for a high-stakes game of bowling against Team Nerdist @ The Spare Room in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Team Mad Men:
Jon Hamm (“Don Draper” – Mad Men)
Vincent Kartheiser (“Pete Campbell” – Mad Men)
Rich Sommer (“Harry Crane ” – Mad Men)
Matt Weiner (Creator and Executive Producer — Mad Men)

Team Nerdist:
Chris Harwick (Founder)
“Weird Al” Yankovic (Face to Face with “Weird Al” Yankovic)
Jonah Ray (Nerdist Podcast)
Pete Holmes (You Made it Weird Podcast)

Mad Men’s Charity: St. Jude’s


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