Sean Abley Writes Gay of the Dead


gay of the dead fangoriaIf you do not get the play on words in Sean Abley’s Fangoria blog name Gay of the Dead, I’m not sure you are reading the correct site. If you get it, Sean Abley is the creator of the Socket movie and he is writing a column on a gay view of horror. Some of the entries include depressing information such as that teen idol Wesley Eure from Land of the Lost was fired for being gay. The blog is at its best when Abley’s sense of humor shines through. A favorite entry of mine is when he explains how he justified the Friday the 13th box set as a press freebie he needed for writing for The Advocate: “Jason is the gay horror fan’s Judy Garland. A “special” child forced into the spotlight by a domineering mother. In the beginning controlled by the powers that be with little or no regard for their personal well-being. Then incapable of living life without the crutches—a bolt of lightening to get up in the morning, an ax to the head to get to sleep, a vicious cycle impossible to break. In middle-age driven to the spotlight in a pathological quest for the attention that has become their sustenance. Then a string of “comebacks” even though, in their mind, they never left. And in the end, gone far too soon, leaving the world to wonder where they might have gone had their talent been left unchecked.”


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