You Say Daloid I Say Dalek


Horror sexploitation splatter purveyers Sinerama have gotten their hands on a limited supply of the Dalek porno video. I mean, the Daloid porn flick. I am speaking, of course, of Abducted by Daloids. They have only changed some of the text on the page to say Daloid. Some still reads Dalek, but maybe they were not using a robotronic super search and replace, but were instead relying on fallible humans. Mores the pity. The pending litigation which I mentioned earlier may be the reason for the half-hearted name change from Daleks to Daloids. Sinerama describes this cinematic opus of litigation-bait as, “Abducted by the Daleks: Five years in the making and finally it’s here in a limited edition of just 1000 (numbered) discs. For obvious reasons this is going to become a very collectible item especailly with the resurgence in the interest in Dr.Who. The DVDs will be sold on an incremental basis (eg: Lowest number first). The disc contains a 56 minute main feature plus a 40 minute outake/alternative version plus a trailer . . . The story centers around three sexy young disco babes who have met the mysterious Anna. As they journey through the woods they discuss the legend of The Serial Skinner not knowing that they are already being observed by a more ambitious and ruthless species of Alien. WARNING: This film contains nudity and some strong scenes – especially in the second part of the feature. This film also contains some strobing effects.” Good thing they mentioned the strobe part. Are they worried that viewers will get seizures like kids watching a Japanese cartoon? Now that would be some humorous lawsuit action.

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