Tripping the Rift on DVD


How is it possible that the first lucky thirteen episodes of Tripping the Rift came out on DVD a few weeks ago and I failed to mention it? Perhaps because I was not really updating for a little while there or perhaps because the show is not too awfully good. I admit I might be biased because I might know some people who work on the show. It just seems like TTR should be a tremendous show, yet it seems to miss the mark somehow. There is the brainy but nearly naked fembot hottie who looks like she could definitely beat the Svedka Grl in a screw off. There is the hackeresque teen reptile goth boy who masturbates to net porn. There is the fat warty centaur chick with too few teeth and too many breasts. There is the gold robot who makes C3PO seem like an Adam Carolla fan. The arch enemies are alien clowns. The whole thing is presided over by Chode, a short purple alien with tentacles on his head and it is strongly implied that he regularly inserts multiple head tentacles into the aforementioned hottie robobabe. Okay, the show is not as go0d as it should be. The alien clowns would make any good juggalo (not to be confused with juggies) cringe and the plots are beyond lame. But the show is so conceptually funny that it is watchable anyway. You can view the trailer at this link.


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