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Sci Fi Conventions is a helpful little site which gives a really nice overview of what a newcomer to fandom (or at least to cons) can expect from the convention experience. There are sites with more complete calendars of events, but this site has really informative articles on how to both attend and run conventions. For example, they offer a breakdown of types of conventions, listing the following:

Literary Convention: Celebrating books and authors of science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy and/or horror. Guests are usually authors and events may include readings from their works, workshops and classes for writers, etc.

Media Convention: Celebrating media sci-fi (television and movies). Guests may include actors, writers, directors and producers, etc. Events usually include autograph sessions and Question and Answer sessions with the guests.

Comic Book Convention: Celebrates the comic book medium – may also include animation (especially Japanese animation aka Anime). Guests usually include the writers, artists, animations, etc.

Gaming Convention: May or may not include guests such as game creators. Gaming conventions are usually smaller events designed to let fans play card games, role play games, and/or computer games in the sci-fi, fantasy/horror genres.

My favorite types of conventions are those which combine a few of the above, although cons near me now are primarily or the Media Convention variety. Geography does play a part. My favorite part of the site is the FAQ on what to wear: “Jeans and tee-shirts are the standard convention uniform, but any comfortable clothing goes. Costumes are also popular – dressing as your favorite character can be a lot of fun and might even win you a prize in a costume contest! The only thing not to wear is anything that would be considered obscene or too revealing – if your mother would wear it in public, there is a good chance you’ll be asked to change by the convention staff. Comfortable shoes are always a good idea as well.” I think they meant if your mother would not wear it in public, but it is possible that all the moms they know are hos. In my younger and wilder (and thinner) days, I used to regularly have hotel security or convention personnel ask me to change my clothes and peace bond my weapons. Good times.

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