Jeremy Piven is Brilliant in his Entourage Role as Ruthless Lovable Agent Ari Gold


I’ve been informed that I violated various Los Angeles city ordinances by mentioning HBO’s hit show Entourage without mentioning that Jeremy Piven is brilliant in his role as the Machiavellian talent agent Ari Gold who answers his stylish cell phone with “You’ve got Gold” and whose idea of pillow talk with his wife is, “I’m as hard as R. Kelly at recess.” I’m in Burbank right now, but the same Hollywood rules apply. So please allow me to direct you to, not only the Jeremy Piven official Entourage interview, but also to where you may download the Ari Let’s Hug It Out Bitch ringtone for your cell. You can also check out the LHIOB song which is an oddly catchy yet simultaneously grating edit of samples from the show over a percussive beat. Plus bonus buddy icons and a link to the rooftop golf flash game.


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