Beep Sex from Slash Dong


Oh, how I love Slashdong. Let me count the ways. It is on the cutting edge of useful technology, it is educational, and the writing is funny. Slashdong’s most recent sex tech endeavor is bringing what they term BeepSex to the masses. Essentially, as I understand it, this involves using a fairly old programming language to run a vibrator based on audio input. Apparently the system works best when the vibration device is run by electronic music. Slashdong expresses love for techno with poetry, “Mmmmm lordy, do I love the beepy shit. Most of the music I listen to these days can be defined as such. I’ve moved beyond instruments, beyond vocals, to the point where I can be completely happy listening to something that most people would mistake for a broken CD player being fisted by angry robots.” A broken CD player being fisted by angry robots? Sounds a lot like a relative of the Frankenwand. Where do I sign up?! Slashdong carefully explains the methodology for instantly improving your non-guitar-driven industrial music show experience. Just add sound-driven sexual vibrations. Diagrams are included. No Mac option, however, nanny, nanny, boo, boo. You would expect me to me a Mac person, but I’m not.

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