Cool Skull Hoodies in New Blue Blood Boutique


I have clearly been out of it. Boing Boing knew about the Blue Blood Boutique before I did. Boing Boing reports, “Blue Blood, the old-school goth/alternative/punk pinup zine, has launched a cool clothing line with these big, skull-emblazoned hoodies.” Boing Boing also has the inside skinny on crocheted Yoda ears. My dog is lucky she is generally too big for doggie hats. Altporn reports, “Blueblood, the people who brought you great sites like BarelyEvil, GothicSluts and Scar13, have opened their new BlueBlood Boutique. You can get stickers, buttons, and hoodies, all featuring a really cool new BB skull logo.” It is probably on Entertainment Tonight and MSNBC now too, but I read Boing Boing and Altporn.

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