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I first discovered author Thomas S. Roche years ago in a copy of Blue Blood, back when it was a print publication, back when finding that sort of material was nearly impossible, back when I felt like I was the only one who liked the things I liked. Blue Blood was my favorite magazine ever, partly because it introduced me to talents like Thomas S. Roche, who I might never otherwise have discovered. Roche is simply one of the best short story writers who ever lived. His name alone anywhere on the table of contents of an anthology is enough to get me to buy it. His own editorial turn for his Noirotica series of anthologies takes the noir genre of hardboiled men and dangerous dames to its necessary sexual conclusion. A month or two ago, Thomas Roche sent me an email telling me he had been reading my little site for quite some time and had only just gotten around to checking out the About Us portion – that is the royal we – where I mentioned that he was one of my favorite authors. He said, “it was particularly nice to run across my name in that list alongside some of my very favorite writers on a site I’ve come to enjoy so much.” I was so overcome that I was too shy to write back, but I guess I can still plug this talented scribe’s newest venture as the managing editor of Eros Zine and of course stalk him via his personal site, the adorably-named Skid Roche.

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