Descend from Grace Likes Sexy Fandom!


The Descend from Grace blog likes Sexy Fandom. Author Janelle M. Jimenez listed amongst her five random thoughts for the day, “2 So, after getting myself into LJ discussions I really didn’t need to get involved with, I decided to start browsing random shit and came across this amusing website This is just one of the categories in her blog, but it’s fantastic. Holy shit. There’s Star Trek porn cosplay! And…and….um, RenFaire Cosplay Porn too? Amazing. Girl in chain mail giving a dildo a blowjob, c’mon. It’s HOT. ;p”

Nice to know my, uh, research is going to good use and being appreciated. I found this mention doing a search for SexyFandom on MSN which is apparently a lot more on-topic than Google these days. It was nice to search for something on a search engine and find results which actually had to do with the search. I wish Google would fix whatever has been wrong with it recently. Anyway, this write-up in Descend from Grace really brought a smile to my face.

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