Who is Jeff Noon?


Jeff Noon (born 1957) is a British author, sometimes associated with the science fiction genre, though actually spanning broader themes than conventional sci-fi. He has written several novels, all of which are set in some version of his native city, Manchester, except for his most recent work Falling out of Cars whose setting was inspired by his recent relocation to Brighton. Other published works include a collection of short stories, several other short stories, a play, several newspaper and magazine articles, and an oddity. His novels are Vurt, Pollen, Automated Alice, Nymphomation: An Imaginative and Linguistic Tour de Force, Needle in the Groove and Falling out of Cars. The collection of short stories is Pixel Juice, the play is Woundings, and the oddity is Cobralingus, a short book of pieces derived by applying the techniques of musical remixing to source texts.

Automated Alice was first published in 1996. Noon describes it as a “trequel” – it is a companion piece of sorts to the famous Lewis Carroll books, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. It follows Alice’s travel to a future version of the city of Manchester (which also features in most of his other works) populated by Newmonians, Civil Serpents and a vanishing cat.

In 2000, Jeff Noon and David Toop released a CD Needle in the Groove: if music were a drug, where would it take you on Sulphur Records. (via Wikipedia)

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