Science Fiction and Fantasy Black Leather Times


The first time I mentioned the brilliantly witty BLT zine, I probably should have pointed out the Science Fiction and Fantasy issue which should really speak to Sexy Fandom readers. Editor (or Curious UFO Pilot) Amelia G’s introduction to the issue starts off, “Welcome to the Science Fiction & Fantasy issue of BLT. Your parents thought it was cute when you got excited about the horse of a different color in the Wizard of Oz. They were only slightly reluctant when you started reading Edgar Rice Burroughs and John Norman. They weren’t thinking about how Judy Garland did lots of drugs and consorted with homosexuals.”

Highlights of this particular edition of Black Leather Times include a DragonCon convention report involving projectile vomiting, a science fiction true or false test with questions about your amourous feelings for unicorns, and a personal account of fighting boffer sword warriors with something called a Molatov Omelet. Your Kindly Uncle William weighs in on the benefits of dressing up in armor, leather, and fur to get otherwise unattainable play and a gentleman with the unlikely moniker of Pyro Chris laments his years spent playing Dungeons & Dragons saying, “I feel deprived of my youth. Where was my blond cheerleader girlfriend, whose parents went away to Europe for the weekends and left me to watch their house, daughter, and ’67 Mustang?” Just go and read the darn thing already.

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