Topsites Animated Button


I’m not sure if it is any good, but I made an animated button myself based on one of the banner designs my friend made for me. I was going to join this fantasy topsites, but, after I went through all the trouble to try to teach myself how to make a button, I found out that the topsites in question autocensors the word sex, so no site called sexy anything was going to get approved. I couldn’t even apply. The funny thing is that I don’t even show any nudity, not even topless drawings, and the topsites I was applying too had almost all naked buttons on it. Just not the word sex I guess.

Button #1

If anyone knows any good science fiction or fantasy topsites for me to check out, please email me and give me a tip about them. Sexy horror is nice too, but please don’t send me anything too brutal. I don’t have the stomach for the really hardcore stuff with people getting eviscerated in slo-mo and everything.

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