Sinfest is the Devil


Sinfest is one of the most fun strips in the Keenspot stable. It is a mature audiences strip, but the humor is subtle, rather than smack-you-in-the-head lewd. In one of the earliest strips, the devil is in a little booth which pays homage to the ones Lucy used to dispense psychiatric assitance from in Peanuts. Slick, the sort of everyman character gives the devil a list of everything he wants in return for his soul. The devil asks him if one of the items on the list says “supermodel sandy.” Slick responds, “sandwich. supermodel sandwich.” As you all know, I have a weak spot for cutesy devils, so the devil in Sin Fest gets my vote too. The comic recently addressed political issues fairly regularly, but from the sociological analysis of how humorously people were responding to the electoral process in America this election. When Slick is running for office, an angel character comes up to him and says, “Fear me. I have a huge constituency.” Of course, other candidates are fielded from the Sith and Nazgul parties and vampires as the real enemy are considered as a major campaign issue. Heck, just check out the site. Sinfest has an archive of comics dating from 2000, so you can pretty much kiss goodbye anything you had planned to get done today.

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