Insatiable Episode 6 : Dunk ‘N’ Donut

Now that Patty and Brick are a couple, they would like to keep it a secret from everyone to probably avoid confrontation. Would Patty please stop prioritizing Bob A? It’s kind of awkward to date Bob A’s son while crushing over him? Is she finally over her crazy crush over Bob A?

One of the requirement of Miss Magic Jesus pageant is being a Christian. That means, you are baptized. Unfortunately, Patty found out from her mom that she was never baptized. Now Patty needs to get baptized and Bob A is her godfather!

So much for my Patty+Brick shipping. Because of the drug that Magnolia put into her drink, she got high on her baptism. I don’t know if it’s the drugs or Patty is just plain selfish. Aren’t we all?

“Being skinny don’t mean sh**if you’re ugly on the inside”

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