Beach Time With Ram From Re:Zero

What is it that makes Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World so talked about on social media by a much old? Since the beginning of it being aired, the show has garnered a lot of reactions from mature viewers. For one, despite its cute character drawing and presentation, the death scenes in the anime were quite morbid, which reminds me of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and I think it is this that attracted a more mature audience and created a huge following.

Here’s one tribute to one of the characters, Rem, by 桜桃喵 (pseudonym). I am really appreciative of cosplayers who think outside of the box and get creative with their cosplay shoots. Not just from varying outfits and straying from the usual default costume, but also for switching up locations from time to time and not sticking to a studio-based photoshoot.

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