KrystalOrchid Soft And Sexy Reading Treat

KrystalOrchid has a superb treat for everyone. She is in her room, beaming and looking lovely with her white outfit, white flowers on her gorgeous bright-red hair, and braces that give her an even cuter look; and she’s surrounded by soft things, like pillows and soft plushies.

She’s reading some fairytales to you today, but KrystalOrchid has added a sexy twist to this activity, as she has decided to read to you while using an interactive device that sends vibrations to her whenever you choose to activate it, and when this happens, it brings her a special kind of joy that makes her voice change in a pleasant way, and gives way to plenty of sexy and beautiful smiles from her while you enjoy her sweet voice reading to you.

Hiya I’m Krystal! I’m 23 years old & I have been camming for over 4 years now! I love art, fashion, music, watching movies, traveling, Entomology, Psychology & most importantly – masturbating on the internet. If you’d like to know more – chat with me in my room!

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