Jigoku Shoujo Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Can’t be seen, can’t be heard

Just when I thought that the famous Jigoku Shoujo’s last season was Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (2008-2009) and I felt a bittersweet ending that I’ll never get to see the characters ever again. Last July 15, 2017, Aniplex aired the much awaited return of the famous series (now on season 4), Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi. Please note that there are spoilers on this article.

Everytime someone mentioned Jigoku Shoujo, the haunting music of sNow’s Sakasama no Chou seems to play in the background (or maybe it’s just my player playing the track I’ve kept all these years). Cool as it is, I personally do not feel that the opening song, “Noise” by Mio Yamazaki, fits the supposedly haunting and creepy feels of the anime. Anyway, that’s just me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mio Yamazaki.

As time goes by, technology evolves — so does Hell Girl’s portal. From being accessible only via computer, on this episode, it shows that they have leveled up their game by being available on the smartphone.

The first episode of the fourth season of Jigoku Shoujo is titled “Can’t be seen, can’t be heard”.

Mayama is being bullied by her classmates through the chatroom of maybe their classroom because they are claiming she keeps on farting because she only eats potatoes. The level of bullying is also leveling up and realistically speaking, this happens in real life. With a lot of bullies, unfortunately, you can only send one person to hell. Based on the previous episodes of all seasons, so far, none had given the privilege to send many souls to hell because you only have one soul in exchange. For those who have not watched this series before (which I find unbelievable for such a wonderful anime series), you can send someone to hell right away in exchange for your soul to be sent to hell right away when you die. Not much for you right? But for those who have already watched the previous episodes, it leaves a mark (literally for this anime) and a haunting feeling right after sending someone to hell.

I’m glad that Kikuri is still in this season (although she was really the devil himself based on season 2), I never thought she’d still be here. I’m also thrilled that Ichimoku Ren, Hone Onna and Wanyuudou are still here and not replaced. They were the original characters, afterall. Yamawaro, the newest addition to their group (he was on season 3), is also on this season. Once it went to the scene where Enma Ai will take the soul of the person sent to hell, I also spoke the lines “..ippen shinde miru?” (I love watching with subs to keep the anime as raw as it is because I don’t like English dubbed). For the fans, I know you did too!

Back to the story, it surprised me how Mayama found out that Yukawa was both Knight and Eve on the chatroom that Yukawa created for them. For me, it just doesn’t make any sense! Was justice served for sending Yukawa to hell? Unfortunately, it always doesn’t happen that way. The scene ends with Mayama receiving a message from Knight (Yokota from 2-B) and he’s the real deal and not Yukawa. Lesson learned, don’t be reckless in your judgement especially when you’re mad.

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