The Doll Life Season 1 Recap Episode 3: Cherry Blossom Festival

It seems that the team had been receiving invitations from different festivals and it’s a good sign for the company. It should have been better if Audra was there but she ate something that made her sick. The episode “Cherry Blossom Festival”, is the third episode of Myx TV’s reality TV show “The Doll Life“.

This is a good episode like everyone had a good time dancing and enjoying the festival. Although, Audra was not able to make it (Cyril was scared that it was contagious), they had fun and even had a self defense quick training.

It was surprising the creepy photographer showed up at the event and everyone was really creeped out about it. It was not just coincidence, don’t you think?

Also, Paula had to be everywhere and everyone was panicking and started to get irritated because there is no runway and there is no ladder (because the stage is a bit high) and they just placed a box for the models to step down on and that is really dangerous! Audra really cannot make it so instead of looking for other models, they replaced Audra with Stevie because of his body size. What makes it worse is that, there is no music when the show started. I have no idea what Paula was doing when they stopped the music but the models were walking there like crazy because there’s no music.

The team was able to pull it off and this is one episode that I like Stephanie because she took the initiative to talk to the creepy photographer in a way that would be beneficial to the models…she talked to him straightforward that they really feel creepy when he’s around and asked him to leave. Way to go, Stephanie, that’s so cool!

What’s cooler is that Audra is doing a Kickstarter, which is a coffee table book and you can see all her amazing and artistic arts and photos!

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