Pandora Von Kit Finds Use for D12

Okay, I’ve been slacking since New Year’s, but I didn’t make any 2014 resolutions to be more responsible or anything, thank goodness.

Anyway, Erotic Fandom has a totally great set of a hot tattooed redhead girl named Pandora Von Kit, astride a d12. I always had use for a d20 or d6 and I could never figure out what game a d12 was ever useful for. Talented photographers Forrest Black and Amelia G have now shown the appropriate usage for a d12. The appropriate use would be for Pandora Von Kit to sit on it looking pretty. This was the only SFW shot in the series where you could actually see the giant d12.

pandora von kit dice d12

I’d like to introduce you all to hot-bodied newcomer Pandora Von Kit. As soon as I saw giant dice, I knew I had to shoot someone on one, but I waited to find the right girl. Pandora is the right girl. Forrest Black and I also shot her showing off all sorts of special talents she has, from ballet poses to fire performance. Lots of hotness coming in the New Year!
–Amelia G

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