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Purple Emo Hair FlaxinWaxin

Purple Emo Hair Flaxin Waxin

I think Flaxin Waxin is a new performer. She is live-shopping right now. People in her room are posting different Amazon links for Sailor Moon costumes and anime-style...

barelyevil scarlet starr candy cane xmas santa hat

BarelyEvil Candy Cane Munching Santa Hat Emo Girl

As usual, the Blue Blood crew has fun holiday photography. This artistic, well-composed, and very colorful shoot of adorable newcomer Scarlet Starr is a nice Xmas treat....

Game of Thrones – The Old Gods and the New

You know it’s going to be a good episode when ALL the warnings show up on the intro screen. Graphic nudity! Violence! Other ones! Winterfell falls to dickbag...


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