Meet Moon_Mika’s Mitsuri Kanroji


The thing about Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba is that it has some of the most interesting characters I have seen. Mixing in demonic beings and kawaii cuties into one show was not something I thought would go that well but it works like a charm – which is why seeing Moon_Mika transform into Mitsuri Kanroji is making me very happy.

The outfit is recognizable from the get-go and the pink and green shades of hair that are neatly tied into two braids as the babe does a small grin with each little move she makes. The rest of the outfit makes way for the hair, but the twinkle in the cutie’s eyes as she takes a hold of the camera to play is really adorable.

With more demon slaying and playing to come, I can’t wait to see what Moon_Mika has in store!

Meet Moon_Mika's Mitsuri Kanroji

Meet Moon_Mika's Mitsuri Kanroji

Meet Moon_Mika's Mitsuri Kanroji

Moon_Mika writes:

Real Name: Mika
Followers: 1733
I am: A Woman
Interested In: Women, Men, Couples, Trans
Location: Uusimaa, Finland


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