Did You Summon Yang Guifei?


“My beauty is for the Empire, my love is for the Emperor, and my heart for my relatives. Though as that may be, the sound of my lute, the happiness from my songs and dance are only mine, and not for others.” ~Yang Guifei

Fate Grand Order, despite being a free to play game, has lots of people spending thousands of dollars on it. Why? Because the game has a vast number of obtainable characters and gamers are willing to fork out real cash to obtain their favorites. One character that plenty of FGO players have spent on is Yang Guifei. Considered to be “the first foreigner(class) in ages” by FGO players, they find Yang Guifei to have a high damage potential but suffers significantly from cooldown issues.

Cosplayer, Okita Rinka, portrays Yang Guifei in her quaint stage 2 and notoriously beautiful stage 3 form delighting a lot of her followers and earning her new ones who are particularly into the Fate franchise.


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