Shadow Lady


Daring, flirtatious cat burglar “Shadow Lady” from the manga which is also titled the same with the main protagonist, Shadow Lady. Shadow Lady (also known as Aimi) is the title character/protagonist of the series. She is a mild-mannered, quiet, and shy girl who works as a waitress in Gray City. At night, however, Aimi puts on magic eyeshadow and becomes Shadow Lady, an energetic, flirtatious, and flamboyant cat burglar, and wreaks havoc on Gray City through various acts of burglary, as well as thwarting the police department’s attempts to capture her. She has a crush on Bright Honda, which causes her to become very conflicted when she learns that he’s in love with Shadow Lady.

This model doesn’t only represent a great cosplay but also represent her own personality of being a real Otaku. Unlike the very mainstream popular and beautiful cosplay model nowadays, they were just paid to the their job and cosplay characters they don’t even know. How was I able to say that the cosplayer today really is an anime fan and a die hard otaku? Because the series, shadow lady is not only a very old manga but also a manga which is not that popular and was canceled due to story complications but our cosplayer today love Shadow Lady and was able to represent her with those black and tight spandex and popping cleavage shots.

We mostly see famous cosplayer who belongs to vietnam, japanese, or korea but this cosplayer came from a very unexpected place and origins which is Mexico! It’s very rare and literally RARE to see a mexican cosplayer raise to fame in the cosplaying industry and what’s more is that she had only been cosplaying for 3 years? and look where she is now. Our cosplayer todays goes by the name DalinCosplay and like what I said she is a mexican girl who is otaku by blood and a hard core gamer. Being mexican has it’s perks and that is having the right curves in the right spot guys. So let’s support her by following her on her Deviant Art Gallery, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Dalincos. Let’s also give thanks to her photographer, catokusanagi.


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