Pole Dancing with Stocking


Have you watch this very cartoon like series in Japan, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt? Well it’s really not your regular kid show to be honest. Let’s just say that they have too many double meaning phrases hihi. Well our character for today is Stocking. Stocking is a pink-and-violet-haired goth angel with a gluttonous appetite for sugary foods. She doesn’t gain weight from consuming sugar, saying that the fat goes to her breasts, allowing her to eat to her heart’s content. Although she is generally more level-headed than Panty, she can be just as rude as her sister when angry, particularly when people tamper with her sweets or call her overweight. Whilst she doesn’t have the same level of interest in sex as her sister, she does show sexual urges and interests and is generally more interested in masochistic activities, such as bondage and electrocution.

Really love the Wig she wore in this cosplay, the purple wig with pink highlights really matches her light skin. Another thing is that Stocking is her big eyes really shines in these kinds of cosplay where the characters are usually Chibi like. Adding the pole to the setting of the shoots adds much more sexiness to it because POLE Dancing is sexy! and Hard! it’s all about the balance.

We mostly see famous cosplayer who belongs to vietnam, japanese, or korea but this cosplayer came from a very unexpected place and origins which is Mexico! It’s very rare and literally RARE to see a mexican cosplayer raise to fame in the cosplaying industry and what’s more is that she had only been cosplaying for 3 years? and look where she is now. Our cosplayer todays goes by the name Dalin Cosplay and like what I said she is a mexican girl who is otaku by blood and a hard core gamer. Being mexican has it’s perks and that is having the right curves in the right spot guys. So let’s support her by following her on her Deviant Art Gallery, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Dalincos. Let’s also give thanks to her photographer, catokusanagi.


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