AshleyyLovee’s Fun Nerdy Chat Room Tonight


AshleyyLovee is talking about how so many of the models at the MFC Social wanted her to spank them because she packs a real wallop. She says she is just a really aggressive person, with a high pain tolerance herself, so she hits hard enough to count. AshleyyLovee is rocking Chewbacca tonight. In her chat room, though, we are speaking English, rather than Shyriiwook. I’m so excited because most people don’t catch the derivation of my nom de writing for SF. (It is if, after the events of Neuromancer, Molly Millions married Case.) But NotHallowPeen in AshleyyLovee‘s chat room picked up on it the moment I entered the chat, before I even said anything cyperpunk or anything 😉 It is free tonight, to set up an account, if you want to come talk Star Wars and William Gibson with us. If you tip, all sorts of fun things could happen though and I like the way cute monsters fly all over her screen in response to some tips.


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