The Next Evangelion, Revealed!


So, we’d been waiting for a long time as to when the next Evangelion series/OVA will be since 2012 and also when we heard about Hideaki Anno’s health, maybe we were losing hope if there will ever be a next Evangelion series/OVA.

We’ll get back to you on that one, but first…

Andy House of Sony Interactive Entertainment introduced a new game and introduced to the crowd right away the creator of Death Stranding (starring Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead), which is Hideo Kojima. As we all know, Hideo Kojima is a Japanese video game designer, screenwriter, director, and producer. Besides that, he is also the director of Kojima Productions, which he originally founded in 2005,[1] and a former vice president of Konami Digital Entertainment.

On December 16, 2015, Kojima Productions declared a very bold statement along with Sony Computer Entertainment, that they would be re-established as an independent studio and for their first work will be with PlayStation 4.

Kojima introduced the new game Death Stranding, which made the fans really happy and excited with the new game because he is well-known for cinematic type of games.

Hideaki Anno admitted that they had issues on Evangelion 4.0 on how to go about the story. When they heard that Kojima Productions became independent, they reached out to Kojima to see if he has an idea on how to go about it. When Kojima responded that he’d love to work with Anno, Anno instantly knew they had their guy who would help continue Evangelion. Anno also revealed that the game’s actual title to be Evangelion: 4.0 Death can (not) Strand.

In short, Death Stranding is actually the final part of the Evangelion film tetralogy in the form of a video game, which is very cool because players will control Gendo Ikari (played by Norman Reedus) as he attempts to put the series to a final rest. You won’t be watching an OVA or series after all because all his fans will be able to participate on how the series would end.


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