Rael Uchiha Ino Yamanaka Cosplay


Italian cosplayer Rael Uchiha and photographer Barbara Magrelli pulled off one of the best Ino Yamanaka cosplays I have seen. This cosplay is based off of Ino in The Last: Naruto the Movie. She sewed this costume herself. I’m impressed she had time to do it so well while working on her second graduation thesis in Archaeology and Numismatic. I see why Ino is Rael’s favorite character. Having it look like Ino is throwing a kunai at the camera is genius. Great idea, Barbara! Looking forward to any more work coming from these two.

“Of course i have many others project, but Ino is always my favourite character ♥ I hope i’ll do a lot of beautiful photos with my boyfriend as Sasuke (as always ♥ ) and with my friends ♥”


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