Tsundere Zombie Killer Saya


Saya Takagi is one of the main characters in Highschool of the Dead. Saya is a genius, and her high level of intellect is her major contribution to the group, though it often causes her to be stubborn and arrogant. She usually stays out of combat, preferring to think of strategies to help the others fight. However, this changes when the group prepares to leave the police station.

The cosplayer copied the cute pink twin tail of Saya and the very cute and small sailor white green uniform. I also love that Saya’s physique which is a slender and small body match the cosplayers’ body herself not to mention that both of them have the very big boobs. Another thing to be noted in this cosplay shoot is the effort and details given on the setting and the actual zombie models to show the overall genre of HOTD.

Our Cosplayer is a veteran who have been cosplaying for more than 10 years and had already built her reputation through different competition, events and conventions. Her name is Bell or mostly known for the name, Calssara. She is a costume artist from south west Germany since 2004. Surprisingly she is a librarian and it’s really new to us that a librarian who is silent and organized can be this creative and joyous through cosplay. She loves to create costumes and wear them and also do photo shoots and stage performance. All of her costumes are selfmade unless stated (for specific parts only). Let’s also support her by following her on her Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt Profile and Tumblr.


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