A young Dracula from Blazblue


Too unsightly. Aren’t you such a poor excuse of a living being? -Rachel Alucard

Rachel Alucard is the current head of the Alucard family, and a very powerful being. Rachel behaves like a stereotypical upper-class individual, often looking down upon others with boredom, arrogance, snobbery and apathy, and hates her vampire urges. She is seemingly one of the most powerful characters in the series to the point where she can ‘keep up’ with Yūki Terumi. Rachel can create a dimension called the Requiem which intersects with her dream world. She is always with her servants Nago and Gii and usually with her butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing. Both she and Valkenhayn seem to be the only characters who know that time was looping the Calamity Trigger a century before.

Looking at the cosplay, it reminded of some Ragnarok Online outfits because of the giant cross and giant dress with a hybrid of Fate Series’ Saber. The cosplayer followed the pale skin tone of the character since Rachel is a vampire. For the wig she used the long blond hair tied into two pigtails tied with a black ribbon on both sides. Overall the cosplay followed a Gothic Lollito fashion with a firlly black gown, jacket and bow tie. Although the cosplayer is in her teenage or young adult age she was able to protray this 12 years old appearance of Rachel

Our Cosplayer is a veteran who have been cosplaying for more than 10 years and had already built her reputation through different competition, events and conventions. Her name is Bell or mostly known for the name, Calssara. She is a costume artist from south west Germany since 2004. Surprisingly she is a librarian and it’s really new to us that a librarian who is silent and organized can be this creative and joyous through cosplay. She loves to create costumes and wear them and also do photo shoots and stage performance. All of her costumes are selfmade unless stated (for specific parts only). Let’s also support her by following her on her Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt Profile and Tumblr.


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