The Strongest Hero


One Punch Man was a very big success and with season 2 brewing just around the corner, we can’t help but wonder who else would Saitama encounter?

These past few weeks, there are several requests online from fans all over the world to have a match between Saitama and the great Saiyan god, Goku.

What fueled this? A few months back, a cross-over manga of Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) and One Punch Man was released and Saitama wasn’t able to face Goku but he faced Vegeta instead.

It wasn’t a duel, though, just a sparring, and ended up as “draw” but having able to see that, wouldn’t you want to watch a Saitama VS Goku duel? It’s like the Japanese version of the long debate of Batman VS Superman (which happened on the big screen).

The new debate continues…who will win? Saitama or Goku?


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