Deathly Beautiful Poison Ivy


To those who grew up watching the animation series of Batman and even the movies they would know that at some point in whichever storyline it was, Batman was always going to encounter Poison Ivy. I am one of those people who have eagerly waited for her appearance. I know she was a villain but she just had such finesse and (yeah, I’m gonna say it) is just so badass.

I’m not surprised that cosplayer, Mussum, would cosplay Poison Ivy. With all the recent superhero movies coming out and even movies about villains being the protagonists I can say it has definitely brought more audience into the fandom. It wasn’t long before cosplay sprung up and even those who were not into comic books and animated versions started researching on the characters just because they saw it the movies and got curious.

Mussum’s costume may look simple but it obviously took a lot of time to put together. The way the leaves were placed together was so clean and looked natural. I like how they chose to just have a uniform dark background with some lighting. The leaves as props were a nice idea too, especially in that one shot where they had the leaves strewn over her like they were embracing her body. So very Poison Ivy.


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