Swimsuit Ahri Cosplay by Kamw


Okay, over time Ahri might have lost in the running to being a favourite League of Legends champion but she certainly hasn’t lost yet as favourite cosplayable character. Players and even non-players of the game are still quite attracted to this character and we still see a lot of cosplays every now and then.

South Korean, cosplayer, Kamw’s cosplays are mostly that of game characters from fandoms such as Tohou, Blade and Soul, Guilty Gear, Dynasty Warrios, etc. Now, the title League of Legends is added to her growing list of game titles in which she has cosplayed charcters from.

As far as Ahri skin goes, and even with much demand from the community, there is currently no official swimsuit skin for Ahri. Although, there have been mods seen floating around on the web. You can either use that at your own risk, or be contented and thankful seeing this Ahri in “swimsuit skin” brought to you by the lovely cosplay community and courtesy of beautiful cosplayer, Kamw.


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