There’s Something Different About This Asuka Langley Cosplay


Among all of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s characters Asuka Langley seems to be in the top two of the most cosplayed character.

I’ve noticed a lot of different versions of Asuka cosplay on the web –plug suit, school uniform, dress, jersey, and even maid outfit. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all Evie’s cosplay proved me wrong.

Looking at this from afar it’s the usual Asuka plug suit costume, however upon closer inspection, I realized this is not made from leatherette or a stretchable fabric. It’s body painted.

Evie, is an art student at a certain university. Her main reason for studying art is of course, because of her love for comic books and anime. In my opinion, Evie has wonderfully re-created the different versions of Asuka’s plug suits by means of painting them and herself being the model. Kudos!


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