LaraLoxley Kills it on the Pole in an R2-D2 Cocktail Dress

LaraLoxley is an absolutely stunning performer. She was once a stripper, and it definitely shows the way she rocks the pole. The way she spins and moves on it is more than dancing it’s an art form. And, as if that wasn’t hot enough she’s doing it while wearing a skin-tight, R2-D2 cocktail dress that fits her like a glove.

Lara is a gorgeous blonde with a fit, toned body. She definitely knows how to tease and flirt with the camera. My favorite thing about this girl is the way she tussles and tosses her hair around while she’s looking directly at the camera. She knows she’s gorgeous and she knows you know it too.

Hey there! I’m Lara, but I’m sure you already know that. I’m from Toronto, Canada and am 24 years old. I started camming at the beginning of the year as a supplement to my other income – stripping. I got really lucky and met some amazing people right off the bat. I quit stripping pretty soon after, so now camming is my one and only job! I miss some things about being a stripper though, like stage shows. Performing is so much fun for me, but now I get to do it from the comfort of my own room!

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