Athenaxox Knocks Back a Few Beers While Jamming Out

Athenaxox is an amazingly gorgeous tomboy. Her facial piercings give her a really great unique look, I love seeing beautiful girls who don’t mind having tattoos or piercings. It sets them apart from all the other good looking women out there. She has a piercing on her cheekbone as well a snake bite piercing under her lower lip.

I am completely jealous of life-size storm trooper that sits in the corner, not too mention the pillow sized Pokemon she has sitting on her couch. And, they surround her as she blasts the dubstep and rap while drinking a couple of cold ones. Her room has such a fun vibe to it you feel like you’re chilling at a small party, with just the sexiest host ever.

Weirdo, but I’m real thooooo

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