Phoenix Askani in the Walking Dead


Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up in a zombie infested world? The recent influx of zombie movies, shows, games, and colouring books indicates you might not be alone in this thought. Let’s face it, the very fact the that Walking Dead has about 3-4 different formats or spins-offs is proof that zombies are on our collective mind. In fact, Burning Angel brings us the perfect sampling of what their spin of the Walking Dead would look like.

That’s right, the people who brought you the killer Evil Dead spoof are back. This time the action takes place in the familiar world of Walkers and, well, Blowers. You see, in BurningAngel‘s world, there is only one way to kill a zombie – oh, don’t worry though, it’s still a ‘shot to the head’. Albeit a completely NSFW shot, but still the question of being able to re-load in time does come up (oh, I think I just pulled my punny-bone on that one). Phoenix Askani plays the victim(?) here as her undead body hungers for one thing and that’s brains! Knowing that most males think with their members, she goes for the area most likely to house Rick’s brains. In fact, you can almost say her act is a bit of a suicidal romp.

The pictures that I can show are few. I mean, I even took caps of the outside of the hospital–that’s how NSFW this video is. I assure you though that this video is more than just a guy lying on the floor and scenery shots. The ending is priceless too. I hinted at it here, but you really do have to see it for yourself.

Sex: Female
Age: Quarter Life Crisis.
Height: 5’9
Sign: LEO as fuck.
Location: Los Angeles livin’/ Midwest transplant from Chicago.
Occupation: internet nudity
Ink/Metal: Metal: barbells on my boobies, ears, and left nostril stud. Ink: Lion on left shoulder, lightning bolt behind right ear, X-Men symbol and Askani Clan motto behind my left ear, ALK3 hands on upper right back. A few small hand tattoos. More to cum!
Scars/Birthmarks: Beauty mark on my face. Oh, and I have a nubin (accessory 3rd nipple thing). Buy 2 get 1 free.
Music: European Metal owns my heart.
TV: 30 Rock, Seinfeld, Californication, Shameless, The Office, Scrubs, Comedy Central.
Movies: Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI). Horror. Wes Anderson films.
Video Games: Ultimate Alliance. MK.
Food: I fucking love Thai food. And bacon cheeseburgers. Also, kale. Kale is cool.
Hobbies: Smoking a shit ton of weed, relaxing with some movies and Tiger Balm, seeing live music & comedy, writing and reading, refreshing my Twitter.
Books: Kerouac, Ellis, Vonnegut, Palahniuk & of course Marvel Comics.
Best Time: Losing my lesbian sex virginity to Joanna Angel.
Fantasy: I just wanna be fucked like the world is ending.
Favorite Position: & doggie!
Masturbation Material: HITACHI.
I Have A Crush On: Vada is totally adorable and I may or may not have smoked her out once…
Perfect Match: Han Solo meets Wolverine meets Batman meets Patrick Bateman with less homicidal tendencies.
First Time: Awkard mutual-virginity loss at age 18.
Smoke: The green.
Bad Habits: Procrastinating. Running Late. Sleeping. (I have my lazy moments like everyone else!)
Where I Hang Out: My bed, other beds, cafes, the beach, pools, hardcore/metal shows, DTLA, at the park.
Favorite Burning Angel: Look at my favorites!
Why I Am A Burning Angel: I started as a member and realized I wanted in on the fun! Or I wanted the fun in me…


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