Naughty Kitty: Catwoman Cosplay by 0doylerules


Fiesty? Fierce? Witty? Hot? Well, the sirens of DC pretty much got it all from the most cunning villains to the glorious heroines! But among these extremely gorgeous and badass fighters, I’ve always adored Catwoman for her great cat-like fighting skills. I really find her moves so awesome. I’d have to say that she’s one of the perfect adversary and love interest for our dearest dark knight.

Here’s a very sultry Catwoman cosplay by Australian cosplayer Alice Maree Joy, alternatively known as 0doylerules. Sponsored by Miccostumes, she runs a cosplay page on Facebook known as Project Alice Cosplay, wearing Miccostumes’ amazing costume creations.

These creative photos were taken by CRU Photography.


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