Scarlet Starr’s Web Of Secrets


I am an absolute fan of Scarlett Starr’s Green hair. The sheer sensuality it projects with a dash of bad girl power is enough to have you completely drawn in and almost drooling over her.

The fact that she is wearing nothing but a t-shirt -with webs so fine that Spiderman would be jealous he did not get to thread them himself- gives her that appearance of having just woken up after a wild night and having thrown on the first thing she could find (one of your clothing items, perhaps?) which is a timeless fantasy that is presented gorgeously by Scarlett Starr.

The intensity in her eyes and the playfulness in which she teases you with her body is delightful and will certainly have you paying attention to her. A neat element of this Blueblood gallery is that, in order to help you maintain focus on her figure, the background is simple and has no distracting elements, so there is really no excuse not to be enjoying the California Deathrock view in full. (The shirt is from the California Deathrock coffee table book.)


Here is a fun little set which Forrest Black and I shot of Scarlet Starr modeling one of the prototype T-shirts for our California Deathrock coffee table book project. By the way, order by Monday and you could still get a pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) book in time for the holidays. Xmas holiday deadline is passed for shirts, but you can still get one for after. Also, Scarlett Starr looks might fine here 🙂
–Amelia G



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